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Membership Cards / LaserWell

Membership Card Solutions

Many member organizations utilize pre-printed letterhead with durable affixed cards. As members join or renew, these pieces are personalized with member information using an in-house laser printer, and at times, are combined with inserts before being mailed to the member.

The quality of on-demand membership cards has deteriorated over the years because of cost-cutting measures, ultimately leaving members with a low-quality card lacking a look and feel of importance. Many cards are too flimsy or do not detach properly when removed from the personalized letter.

At PermaCard®, we recognize how this negatively affects the image of membership organizations and offer an exceptional alternative – the superior LaserWell® Laser-Printable ID Card Document. When it debuted over 20 years ago, it originally became the main product offering of this type from Xerox®. Product development over many years ensures smooth processing on most laser printers.

Some highlights of our LaserWell products are:

  • • They work on most laser printers, including production class toner presses.
  • • Cards and carriers are available in 4 color process at no extra charge.
  • • Print quality is superior to other choices, including full bleeds on card and carrier.
  • • Cards are nested into a debossed "well", or cavity, allowing smooth feeding through network or production laser printers.
  • • Paper carriers are Bright White 70# or 100# text; cards are 8 or 11 mil Waterproof Opaque White Rigid Polyester-not paper.
  • • Affixed cards detach cleanly with no adhesive stuck to the back of the card.

PermaCard Mailers – A Unique Outsource Option

We also offer the option of outsourcing the complete process of membership fulfillment, including card printing, co-mingling other pieces, and mailing. You get more options with card types too, including 20-30 mil cards, key tags, bag tags, etc. With today’s evolving COVID restrictions, it can no longer be assumed that membership fulfillment from membership offices will be feasible.

Mailers - Designed to mail in a double window envelope

Other mailer formats are available. Click HERE.
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