Ring in the New Year with New Members

Ring in the New Year with New Members

A new year provides the best motivation to recharge and refocus your membership efforts. This is the ideal time to launch campaigns and make necessary changes to attract more members to your organization. If you start planning now, you'll be off to a strong start in 2024!

Things To Do:

  • Review & update outdated materials
  • Create a strong call to action
  • Refresh the creative elements of your campaigns
  • Test new types of mailers for better results
  • Highlight new offers and benefits
  • Clean up and update your mailing lists
  • Source fresh lists for targeted prospects

Below are some ideas that fit a variety of industries we serve.

Health & Fitness Businesses

Healthy resolutions abound in the new year, so gyms, climbing facilities, and sports clubs should embark on their new member drives building upon people’s desire to get fit and active. It’s also a terrific time to offer special promotions, talk about classes you offer, and invite prospective new members to an open house to try out your facility.

Schools & Alumni Organizations

Organizations can use the new year to engage recent and past grads, touting the benefits of remaining active with your institution. School teams can also beef up their boosters’ attendance with pre-season outreach to be sure the stands are filled with fans in the coming months (stand-ups are a fun way to get schedules front and center).


Social interest groups, automobile clubs, hobby clubs, and civic-related organizations should implement targeted mailer campaigns promoting their annual schedule of events, as well as other compelling offerings and benefits.

Charitable Organizations & Blood Banks

Donor members are of utmost importance to non-profits, including blood banks. Start the new year right by stressing the need for your donors’ support and include membership cards, key tags, and other keepsakes to make them feel a part of something bigger that changes lives.


Local libraries benefit from reaching out to new users to obtain library cards to not only take advantage of borrowing books but also promote participation in their calendar of events. Design new cards and campaigns now to update your image, appeal to youngsters, families, and bilingual users, and foster a greater sense of belonging in your community.

PermaCard can help you engage new members with attractive, attention-getting membership materials. We offer professional and tailored solutions to enhance your organization's membership cycle. Contact us for a sample pack of membership materials and let us help you make a lasting impression on your members.